Assembly instructions

Span assembly instructions

1. Marking the holes for screwing the mounting profile.
2. Drilling holes.
3. Installation of the bottom end cap of the mounting profile.
4. Installation of profiles with quick-assembly dowels.
5. Inserting the filling profiles, remembering about the distance plugs.
6. Screwing the filling profiles to the mounting profile with a self-drilling screw. IMPORTANT - the profiles are screwed in the bottom part with one screw per profile, changing the screwing sides.
7. Inserting the masking strip of the mounting profile.
8. Installation of upper plugs of the mounting profile.

Wicket assembly instructions

1. Checking if the gate has all the necessary construction elements.
2. Preparation of tools for work (tape measure, hammer drill, chemical anchor, felt-tip pen).
3. Installing the hinges on the gate and measuring their spacing.
4. Tracing holes for hinges glued to the gate.
5. Drilling holes for glued hinges (drill fi22). IMPORTANT - first, drill with a drill of a smaller diameter, and then with a drill of the target diameter.
6. Thorough cleaning of the holes with compressed air.
7. Application of the chemical anchor to the hole.
8. Installing the hinge in the hole with the chemical anchor.
9. Checking the hinge spacing.
10. After the chemical anchor is dry, screw in the hinges.
11. Installation of the hinged wicket frame.
12. Installation of a house strip with an electric strike.
13 Wicket adjustment.
14. Tightening the hinges.
15. Installation of the hinge masking strip.


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