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ALUgate additional equipment for aluminum fences

Additional equipment for aluminum fences


To meet the expectations of customers and the latest trends on the market, we offer a perfect complement to aluminum fences with the system  ALU BOX.

It is a multimedia bollard equipped with access control systems: in addition to intercoms i video intercoms we can additionally enrich such a system with a letterbox with the street name and house number burned in, an LED lamp or a socket. Intercoms or more and more popular video intercoms  they can be equipped with an encryptor, fingerprint sensor, RFID reader and a camera, and everything can be controlled using a mobile application.
If system ALUBOX did not meet your requirements, we have another solution to offer - which is the assembly (in the fence, wall) of the components themselves from the ALUBOX post in the flush-mounted version, without the need to order the entire structure.

ALUgate ALUbox video intercom
ALUbox ALUgate intercom
ALU BOX ALUgate intercom


The perfect complement to aluminum fences is elegant in its simplicity, but also a practical stainless steel handrail. As an addition to gates or wickets, it fits well with entrance doors or balcony railings. A delicate detail that will perfectly emphasize the modernity of your fence and give it character.
Handles are available in various lengths and configurations - for example
 with additional electronic equipment, ensuring access control to your own property.

ALUgate stainless steel handrail 2
ALUgate stainless steel handrail
ALUgate stainless steel handrail 3


We offer you a perfect solution in the form of point lighting of the fence. With the help of posts with lamps, we can designate, for example, the entry zone - gate / wicket or spotlight all the posts in the fence of our property. The BLIX lamp can also be used as a signaling element for the gate operator. Additional equipment of the BLIX lamp is a twilight sensor or a motion sensor.

BLIX ALUgate LED lamp 1
BLIX ALUgate LED lamp 2
BLIX ALUgate LED lamp 3
BLIX ALUgate LED lamp 4

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