Aluminum fence ALUgate AG150 wood imitation, architectural concrete

The combination of architectural concrete and "wood-colored" aluminum is a very fashionable and timeless solution.
In this project, architectural concrete and wood from the facade of the house are reflected in the fence.
Powder coating of aluminum in combination with sublimation of a pattern made of a special foil allows to obtain a durable and decorative coating imitating wood, marble or any other pattern from the pattern palette. As a result, the obtained product fits well with the surroundings of the house and garden.

For our client, we made self-supporting gates and a wicket in the model AG150
Filling profiles 150 mm with a spacing of 21 mm PINE color in the DEKOR coating
Frame profiles of gates and wickets in RAL7040 color.
Everything is completed with automation FAAC 740 along with a designer lamp  FAACXLED signaling the gate operation, and 5tech video intercom system Built-in letterbox and Wifi communication

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